Antelope Crossing, City Park Stay 11.08.2015

We left a thermometer on the camper step last night and it recorded a low of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. We were glad that we slept in our warm sleeping bags.

Continuing east on US 64 we drove through beautiful Cimarron Canyon State Park and Philmont Scout Ranch. The State Park had a nice looking campground beside the river. Continue reading Antelope Crossing, City Park Stay 11.08.2015

Sulphur Soak & Eagle Nest 11.07.06

Of course we had to take a hot soak in Pagosa Springs. We chose to go to The Overlook, located in a Victorian storefront it has tile showers and multiple soaking tubs. The air was brisk but we stayed in the two pools on the roof overlooking the river. We smelled like sulphur for several days but didn’t mind. Continue reading Sulphur Soak & Eagle Nest 11.07.06

Four Corners & Mesa Verde 10.15.2015

Chaco was so peaceful, uncrowded and interesting that we didn’t want to leave but we needed to move on. After a Ranger led tour of Pueblo Bonito, we returned to US 550 and headed north to US 64 where we turned northwest through Farmington, Shiprock, and on to Teec Nos Pos. Our next stop was the Four Corners Monument off of US 160 where we joined the crowd taking silly pictures of ourselves in four states at once. Continue reading Four Corners & Mesa Verde 10.15.2015

More Chaco Canyon 10.14.2015

This morning we joined a Ranger led tour of the Hungo Pavi ruin where we learned that Chaco Culture buildings are always located on a high  point with a view of a sacred landmark, such as Fajada Butte and the walls are built with a stone veneer over a rubble core. The style of the stone veneer indicates when the pueblo was built. The pueblos were three to four stories high with a large kiva in the front. We saw many unnatural looking humps near the cliff bases that are actually ruins. Continue reading More Chaco Canyon 10.14.2015

Amazing Chaco Canyon 10.13.2015

This morning we drove back to Cuba and up US 550 to just south of Nageezi where we turned off for Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The pavement ended after 8 miles and a sign said the campground at Chaco was full. The RV in front of us gave up and immediately turned around. The now gravel road passed widely spaced homesteads, most with a small house and hogan. The road deteriorated to rough dirt for the last few miles the turned to pavement again at the park boundary. Continue reading Amazing Chaco Canyon 10.13.2015

Albuquerque, Coronado, Santa Fe National Forest 10.12.2015

We spent the morning on I40 heading to Albuquerque where we stopped just long enough to buy organic groceries at a Sprouts Farmers Market.

The Coronado Historic Site at Bernalillo, on US 550 protects the ruins of the Kuaua pueblo. Today we enjoyed the small museum and ate lunch under a ramada overlooking the Rio Grande where tiny lizards scampered around. Continue reading Albuquerque, Coronado, Santa Fe National Forest 10.12.2015

Coyote Serenade, Hometown Visit, and New Mexico 10.11.2015

Last night and again this morning we were serenaded by singing coyotes. I don’t know why, but that always makes me smile. Copper Breaks Texas State Park is also an international dark sky park and the stars were fantastic. Continue reading Coyote Serenade, Hometown Visit, and New Mexico 10.11.2015