More Chaco Canyon 10.14.2015

This morning we joined a Ranger led tour of the Hungo Pavi ruin where we learned that Chaco Culture buildings are always located on a high  point with a view of a sacred landmark, such as Fajada Butte and the walls are built with a stone veneer over a rubble core. The style of the stone veneer indicates when the pueblo was built. The pueblos were three to four stories high with a large kiva in the front. We saw many unnatural looking humps near the cliff bases that are actually ruins. Continue reading More Chaco Canyon 10.14.2015

Amazing Chaco Canyon 10.13.2015

This morning we drove back to Cuba and up US 550 to just south of Nageezi where we turned off for Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The pavement ended after 8 miles and a sign said the campground at Chaco was full. The RV in front of us gave up and immediately turned around. The now gravel road passed widely spaced homesteads, most with a small house and hogan. The road deteriorated to rough dirt for the last few miles the turned to pavement again at the park boundary. Continue reading Amazing Chaco Canyon 10.13.2015