Arriving at Eagle Nest Lake State Park, New Mexico

Sulphur Soak & Eagle Nest 11.07.06

Of course we had to take a hot soak in Pagosa Springs. We chose to go to The Overlook, located in a Victorian storefront it has tile showers and multiple soaking tubs. The air was brisk but we stayed in the two pools on the roof overlooking the river. We smelled like sulphur for several days but didn’t mind.

We learned how to conserve water from years of salt water sailing in a tiny boat, knowledge we put to good use after winterizing the camper. Our water supply was now four one gallon jugs moved from the truck to the camper each night and refilled when possible. We used a one liter bottle with a flip top lid to sprinkle wash our dishes and flush the potty.

Thinking New Mexico might be a little warmer, we headed southeast on US 64 through snowy pine clad mountains interspersed with meadow valleys. There were signs for migrating deer and elk but we only saw hunters.

The Earthship community, northwest of Taos looked interesting and would be worth returning to visit. We passed through Taos and continued east on US 64. The road passed over a winding snowy pass then descended into a large grassy valley past Angel Fire ski area and on to the Eagle Nest Lake State Park where we spent the night.

Expecting another cold night, we slept in our heavy sleeping bags. The migrating geese on the lake honked and jabbered all night.

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