Sulphur Soak & Eagle Nest 11.07.06

Of course we had to take a hot soak in Pagosa Springs. We chose to go to The Overlook, located in a Victorian storefront it has¬†tile showers and multiple soaking tubs. The air was brisk but we stayed in the two pools on the roof overlooking the river. We smelled like sulphur for several days but didn’t mind. Continue reading Sulphur Soak & Eagle Nest 11.07.06

Petroglyphs & Wallmart Fail 11.06.15

We drove through red mud puddles to the Sand Island Petroglyph wall. It was covered with hundreds of petroglyphs including hands, spirals, a horseback man, antelope hunting scenes, Navajo style people, and papooses. Continue reading Petroglyphs & Wallmart Fail 11.06.15

Camping in Former Lake Powell 10.16.2015

We descended to Cortez from the Mesa Verde Campground and stopped for groceries at the City Market. We were delighted by the friendly staff, grass fed meat and good selection of organic vegetables. Continue reading Camping in Former Lake Powell 10.16.2015

Four Corners & Mesa Verde 10.15.2015

Chaco was so peaceful, uncrowded and interesting that we didn’t want to leave but we needed to move on. After a Ranger led tour of Pueblo Bonito, we¬†returned to US 550 and headed north to US 64 where we turned northwest through Farmington, Shiprock, and on to Teec Nos Pos. Our next stop was the Four Corners Monument off of US 160 where we joined the crowd taking silly pictures of ourselves in four states at once. Continue reading Four Corners & Mesa Verde 10.15.2015