Petroglyphs & Wallmart Fail 11.06.15

We drove through red mud puddles to the Sand Island Petroglyph wall. It was covered with hundreds of petroglyphs including hands, spirals, a horseback man, antelope hunting scenes, Navajo style people, and papooses. Continue reading Petroglyphs & Wallmart Fail 11.06.15

Sand Island, Utah 11.05.2015

We woke up to gorgeous blue skies and sparkling new snow. The camper steps, truck, and running boards were covered with ice and there were icicles hanging from the gray water outlet, but no pipes were frozen.

We headed east on US 89A with a detour to enjoy driving in the snow on USFS 205. The truck handled great and the woods were beautiful. We found a campsite near AZ 67 where we could have stayed last night but it was not on any of our maps. Continue reading Sand Island, Utah 11.05.2015

Snow in Jacob Lake 11.04.2015

It was raining and cool in the Valley of Fire when we woke up and it remained stormy the rest of the day changing from rain to snow as we drove into higher elevations.

Back on I5 we crossed a corner of Arizona and went into Utah where we stopped at a coffee shop in St. George to buy plane tickets for our upcoming trip to Asia. As always, when using public wifi, we also used a private VPN service to keep our information secure. Continue reading Snow in Jacob Lake 11.04.2015

Illipah Reservoir, Nevada 10.18.2015

After a hard rain last night we headed towards Nevada by taking Utah 24 to I70 and then US 50. It was another day of beautiful scenery, lots of wind, rain, and dramatic clouds.  US 50 makes a left turn in Salina, Utah that we missed because several blocks of downtown were closed due to some type of emergency. We drove up US 89 to Gunnison, Utah before we realized we were on the wrong road and turned around. Downtown Salina was still closed but we were able to find side streets back to US 50. Continue reading Illipah Reservoir, Nevada 10.18.2015

Capitol Reef Wow! 10.17.2015

We arrived at Capitol Reef National Park and secured one of the last campsites in Fruita, a former fruit producing homestead. The campground has spacious level paved sites but felt crowded and too civilized after spending last night alone. Continue reading Capitol Reef Wow! 10.17.2015

Hite to Capitol Reef 10.17.2015

Last night it was windy with scattered rain showers. When we awoke this morning it started to rain in earnest and fearing the dirt track we came in on would quickly turn to slick clay we slowly drove out to the  highway entrance with the camper top up. There we enjoyed our usual breakfast of eggs, greens, sausage, and fresh sauerkraut. Continue reading Hite to Capitol Reef 10.17.2015

Camping in Former Lake Powell 10.16.2015

We descended to Cortez from the Mesa Verde Campground and stopped for groceries at the City Market. We were delighted by the friendly staff, grass fed meat and good selection of organic vegetables. Continue reading Camping in Former Lake Powell 10.16.2015