US 50 near Sevier Lake, Nevada

Illipah Reservoir, Nevada 10.18.2015

After a hard rain last night we headed towards Nevada by taking Utah 24 to I70 and then US 50. It was another day of beautiful scenery, lots of wind, rain, and dramatic clouds.  US 50 makes a left turn in Salina, Utah that we missed because several blocks of downtown were closed due to some type of emergency. We drove up US 89 to Gunnison, Utah before we realized we were on the wrong road and turned around. Downtown Salina was still closed but we were able to find side streets back to US 50.

After we crossed the mountains west of Salina, we entered the Great Basin, a vast region of the western USA where no water flows to the ocean. We drove on through Delta, Utah and stopped for lunch at Sevier Lake. The normally dry lake was flooded by the recent rains. We went on past Baker, Nevada and one of our favorite places, Great Basin National Park. At Ely, Nevada we continued our tradition of buying fuel from the Ely Shoshone Tribe.

The rain started to ease at Ely and dramatic evening light shone on the snowy mountains to the east. There was a beautiful sunset and we reached the Illipah Reservoir campsite after dark. We were thankful to have the camper furnace because when we stopped it was a very windy 42 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 54 degrees inside.





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