Breakfast stop at the entrance to Farley Canyon

Hite to Capitol Reef 10.17.2015

Last night it was windy with scattered rain showers. When we awoke this morning it started to rain in earnest and fearing the dirt track we came in on would quickly turn to slick clay we slowly drove out to the  highway entrance with the camper top up. There we enjoyed our usual breakfast of eggs, greens, sausage, and fresh sauerkraut.

Our late friend Jim Thayer led an annual small boat cruise on Lake Powell he called the Kokopelli cruise. Several years ago we were camped at Wahweep at the base of Lake Powell when we learned of his passing. On this trip we honored his memory with stops at Farley Canyon and Hite where Kokopelli cruises sometimes ended.

Hite is named for the town that was flooded by Lake Powell and now the new Hite is also abandoned. We drove in past a boat storage yard with a few remaining hulks and an empty gas station and store. The boat ramps had been extended but there was no water in sight. An RV was camped at the end of the cement ramp.

Huge cement Hite "boat ramp" from across the river
Huge cement Hite “boat ramp” from across the river

Just up UT 95 from Hite the road crosses the Dirty Devil River and the Colorado River. We stopped at the Colorado overlook across from Hite to see that the lake had vanished and only the river remained. A very steep gravel road now provides access for river rafters.

Continuing up UT 95 in scattered rain, we passed by small ranches in the shadow of gray mud cliffs until we reached Capitol Reef National Park.

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