Buzzard Bluff, Missouri 11.10.2015

I was driving when we left Osage Hills State Park, but after an hour on the hilly, very narrow road with strong cross winds and wide loads of heavy equipment going the other way, I pulled over and let Dean drive. Continue reading Buzzard Bluff, Missouri 11.10.2015

She Drove in Oklahoma 11.09.2015

It was very windy again yesterday and it made the flagpoles bang all night. With the rocking camper and clanking halyards it felt like we were on a boat and we slept very well.

When we were young and rushed to drive long distances, I often drove two short shifts a day. After we lowered our daily mileage and stayed on back roads, Dean preferred to drive and I amused myself taking photos, crocheting and doing beadwork.

I was waiting for the perfect conditions to drive the truck: no rain or snow, little wind, little traffic, and a road with wide shoulders. When that didn’t happen after weeks on the road, I decided it was time for me to get behind the wheel. Continue reading She Drove in Oklahoma 11.09.2015

Antelope Crossing, City Park Stay 11.08.2015

We left a thermometer on the camper step last night and it recorded a low of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. We were glad that we slept in our warm sleeping bags.

Continuing east on US 64 we drove through beautiful Cimarron Canyon State Park and Philmont Scout Ranch. The State Park had a nice looking campground beside the river. Continue reading Antelope Crossing, City Park Stay 11.08.2015

Coin-op Showers, Fresh Veggies and Texas 10.10.2015

Arrowhead State Park, Oklahoma has coin operated showers. We used all our quarters but the showers ran out too quickly. Still covered with soap and conditioner, a cold water rinse in the sink took care of the problem.

We found a farmer’s market in McAlester, Oklahoma that was three friendly older farmers selling vegetables. Since we eat tons of vegetables we bought several kinds from each of them. Continue reading Coin-op Showers, Fresh Veggies and Texas 10.10.2015

Hot Water and a Night in Oklahoma 10.09.2015

I don’t usually react to mosquito bites, but the many bites I got last night in the few minutes I was outside made an itchy mess of my ankles. Those Arkansas mosquitoes are virulent!

After breakfast we headed back to I40 and continued west with the trucks. There were many Dollar General trucks on the highway sadly reminding us that many rural residents have no other place to shop.

Remembering that Hot Springs National Park has delicious free spring water we approached Hot Springs up Gulpha Gorge on US 708. The National Park campground in the Gorge has small tightly spaced sites along the creek. It’s the closest campground to Hot Springs and does not take reservations. Continue reading Hot Water and a Night in Oklahoma 10.09.2015