Copper Breaks Sunrise

Coyote Serenade, Hometown Visit, and New Mexico 10.11.2015

Last night and again this morning we were serenaded by singing coyotes. I don’t know why, but that always makes me smile. Copper Breaks Texas State Park is also an international dark sky park and the stars were fantastic.

We drove through the campground this morning and saw that the sites are level but don’t have trees so each one has a wind break/shade structure over the picnic table and grill. We adopted a styrofoam cooler someone abandoned by the dumpster and used it as our lunch bucket in the back seat of the truck.

Staying off of the interstates, we took US 62 to Floydada Texas, my father’s home town. I no longer have relatives there and the historical society was closed (as was everything else on Sunday) so we drove around the downtown and headed northwest on US 70.

Like rural Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle has many grain elevators, long freight trains, and mostly abandoned towns.

In New Mexico we took US 84 up to Sumner Lake State Park. There are two campgrounds, the east one was closed for the season and the west one was still open. There is an RV area with level pads and also unstructured dirt areas closer to the lake. Preferring a nice view away from generators, we parked in the unstructured area overlooking the lake.



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