Six Weeks in Six Minutes: Fall 2015 Road Trip Video

Here’s a glimpse of our life on the road last year. We had a wonderful trip from Maryland to California and back in our Four Wheel Campers flatbed Hawk on a RAM2500 Cummins Diesel. The frequent rain, cold temperatures, some snow, and many many windy days reminded us why we bought the camper. Although friends and relatives asked us to stay in their homes, we spent every night in the camper and cooked the vast majority of our meals on the road. Having an indoor galley is the bomb!

Belmont 10.24-25.2015

Our niece, Laura Sullivan, lives on a steep hillside in Belmont, California overlooking San Francisco Bay. Each house on her narrow street has a single level parking space and driveway surfing here meant both front and back wheels were right on the edge. We parked with the camper door on the street side so we could get in and out. Even in this very nice neighborhood we were received with admiration for the camper rather than complaints. The wonderful family visit was, of course, too short and after two nights we started east again. Continue reading Belmont 10.24-25.2015

FWC Factory Visit 10.20.2015

It was 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside when we awoke this morning. We drove the heavily developed west shore road along Lake Tahoe and stopped briefly to admire Emerald Bay although the wind masked the sky blue of the water. We rejoined US 50 again at the south end of the lake. Unlike Nevada, California US 50 is a freeway that speeds skiers to the mountains. Continue reading FWC Factory Visit 10.20.2015

La Tortuga Gets A Mascot 10.04.2015

Our truck is named La Tortuga because it’s brown and carries it’s own house, but we did not have a turtle mascot until our friend Vera insisted we have one. She wanted to photograph a turtle with a large mushroom on the bank of Robinson Creek, so I made one from crumpled aluminum foil and painted it’s legs and tail. Off we went to the creek and the little La Tortuga had it’s first photo shoot. Continue reading La Tortuga Gets A Mascot 10.04.2015

2015 Fall Migration

Like the birds flying south in the fall, we tend to head west. Often flying to California to visit family or flying to Las Vegas with our camping gear for camping and hiking. In 2014 we drove our Toyota RAV4 to California and back staying with friends, family, camping, and many nights in motels. Continue reading 2015 Fall Migration

Four Wheel Campers Make Great House Guests

It’s really easy to be a great house guest when you bring your own house! We

Going driveway camping for Christmas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Going driveway camping for Christmas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

started our big fall road trip with an overnight in close friends’ driveway and continued the tradition with friends and relatives throughout our trip. We planned to camp on Assateague National Seashore after Christmas but enjoyed visiting our Eastern Shore family too much to leave their driveway.

Continue reading Four Wheel Campers Make Great House Guests