2015 Fall Migration

Like the birds flying south in the fall, we tend to head west. Often flying to California to visit family or flying to Las Vegas with our camping gear for camping and hiking. In 2014 we drove our Toyota RAV4 to California and back staying with friends, family, camping, and many nights in motels. Continue reading 2015 Fall Migration

Four Wheel Campers Make Great House Guests

It’s really easy to be a great house guest when you bring your own house! We

Going driveway camping for Christmas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Going driveway camping for Christmas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

started our big fall road trip with an overnight in close friends’ driveway and continued the tradition with friends and relatives throughout our trip. We planned to camp on Assateague National Seashore after Christmas but enjoyed visiting our Eastern Shore family too much to leave their driveway.

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La Tortuga Debuts at Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

Two days after taking delivery of our new camper we headed out on our maiden voyage starting with the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival. Thank goodness I am a compulsive packer and had almost everything we needed already staged in the house for loading in.

We had a Four Wheel Camper encampment next to the Mainline Overland vehicles and each of the five campers was a different model and vintage. La Tortuga was a big attraction which we gladly showed off when we were near it, which wasn’t often since we spent most of our time at workshops and visiting with other overlanders.

It was great to meet people of all ages with all kinds of vehicles and especially nice to spend time with other Four Wheel Camper owners.

We attended workshops on a variety of subjects including photography, personal safety, traveling with children, off-road driving, first aid, and self-rescue. There were more interesting workshops than we could attend which I consider to be a sign of a good event.

Each day started with great coffee and ended with happy hour, a speaker or live music and a bonfire. I was delighted that my film festival submission received many complements.

Many thanks to Mainline Overland and the Henwood family for hosting such a great event. We will definitely plan to attend again next year.


The Flatbed Camper: From RAM to La Tortuga the Glamper

We delivered our truck to Mainline Overland and left it for them to assemble the flatbed, camper and solar panel. They completed the work in time for us to pick it up and quickly pack for our maiden voyage to the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

What a transformation! Our pretty, new brown truck became La Tortuga the Glamper. It’s like a tiny house on wheels with infinitely more amenities than we are accustomed to.

Our cruising sailboats were both extremely minimalist as is camping with what you can check on an airplane or even from the back of our RAV4. Our Four Wheel Camper flatbed Hawk camper has flush mount sink and stove, refrigerator, heater, hot and cold pressure water, cassette toilet, dinette, inside and outside shower, tons of storage,  160 watts solar on the roof, all led lighting, and most lovely of all, a queen sized bed we can leave made up while we are traveling.

The Camper and Flatbed Arrive

Our Four Wheel Camper Hawk flatbed camper and Alum-Line aluminum flatbed arrived yesterday at Main Line Overland. Today we drove the truck up to their shop in West Chester Pennsylvania and left it for them to remove the existing bed and install the flatbed and camper.

The camper was sitting on a brown Unimog so we got to see how nice the color will look on our truck. We sat in the camper and looked in all the compartments imagining it on our own truck, in our driveway and living in it on the road.

The flatbed is very shiny, almost square, and light weight enough that I can lift one end.

Main Line Overland expects to finish installation by the end of next week when we will return to drive it home.

So much adrenaline is tiring so we decided to spend the night in West Chester. We ate yummy tacos and carne asada at La Rancherita. Tomorrow we will visit Longwood Gardens before returning to Maryland.


Four Wheel Camper Factory Visit

Today we visited the Four Wheel Camper factory in Woodland, California and once again sat in many camper models and asked all of the questions we could think of.

We still really like the the front dinette Fleet model and think that’s what we want to do. And then we sat in a flatbed Hawk and really loved it. Now we are debating what to do. We like the minimalism and small footprint of a fleet on a Tacoma but are fascinated by the comfort and spaciousness of the flatbed.

Since we don’t yet own a truck, and have one more manufacturer to visit on this trip, we can analyze the pros and cons of the two for a long time.