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2015 Fall Migration

Like the birds flying south in the fall, we tend to head west. Often flying to California to visit family or flying to Las Vegas with our camping gear for camping and hiking. In 2014 we drove our Toyota RAV4 to California and back staying with friends, family, camping, and many nights in motels.

It’s often very windy and sometimes snowing or raining in the places where we

Driving into rain from hurDriving into rain from hurricane Juaquin
Driving into rain from hurricane Juaquin

like to stay so heading west in our Four Wheel Campers flatbed Hawk was an easy choice. We spent six weeks sleeping in the camper–no motels or sleeping in guest rooms. We occasionally ate out, usually for tacos or barbecue, but mostly cooked healthy meals with lots of vegetables in the camper.

Finally, after a busy winter/spring/summer I’m ready to start telling the story of our first epic adventure in La Tortuga the Four Wheel Campers flatbed Hawk.


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