Crossing the Potomac into Virginia

Joaquin Changes Our Plans 10.03.2015

We planned to start this trip as we did last year by first going east to attend the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival (MASCF) in St. Michaels, Maryland. We have participated in this event every year since 1986 so by now it feels like a big family reunion.

Our gear was assembled and a house sitter arranged when Hurricane Joaquin was predicted to go straight up the Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum wisely cancelled MASCF for the first time in it’s history and we waited for Joaquin.

When it became clear that Joaquin would only bring us some wind and lots of

Rain from Hurricane Joaquin on the Governor Nice Bridge
Rain from Hurricane Joaquin on the Governor Nice Bridge

rain our friends in Urbanna, Virginia asked us to visit since we did not get to camp together at MASCF as planned. So we threw everything in the truck and camper and headed south in the rain. We had no planned route or set schedule except a date to meet our niece in California.

Our first dinner was with our friends at one of our favorite places, Something Different in Urbanna, followed by a night listening to rain on the aluminum camper roof in their driveway.

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