Four Wheel Campers Make Great House Guests

It’s really easy to be a great house guest when you bring your own house! We

Going driveway camping for Christmas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
Going driveway camping for Christmas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

started our big fall road trip with an overnight in close friends’ driveway and continued the tradition with friends and relatives throughout our trip. We planned to camp on Assateague National Seashore after Christmas but enjoyed visiting our Eastern Shore family too much to leave their driveway.

What makes driveway camping so good?

  • You bring your own bed and bedding reducing preparation and laundry for your host and the risk of sleeping in an uncomfortable bed.
  • You can wash-up in your camper and limit how much time you monopolize your host’s bathroom.
  • You don’t bring a lot of clutter into your host’s house because all of your stuff can stay in the camper.
  • You can use your porta-potti in the middle of the night instead of walking around in your hosts’ house and making noise.
  • You bring an extra refrigerator and can contribute food to group meals. This was especially helpful when preparing Christmas dinner for fourteen.
  • You can retreat to your camper if you or your hosts need some alone time.
  • You can do this at any time of year and control your own heat thanks to the furnace and thermostat.
  • With a solar panel on the roof, you don’t need to plug into your hosts’ electricity.
  • The camper is a good conversation starter. Dog walkers stop to chat and it was fun to be greeted by one when emerging from the camper in an expensive neighborhood.

And of course, you can use your camper for guests to stay in at your own home too.

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