FWC Factory Visit 10.20.2015

It was 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside when we awoke this morning. We drove the heavily developed west shore road along Lake Tahoe and stopped briefly to admire Emerald Bay although the wind masked the sky blue of the water. We rejoined US 50 again at the south end of the lake. Unlike Nevada, California US 50 is a freeway that speeds skiers to the mountains. Continue reading FWC Factory Visit 10.20.2015

Kings Beach Lake Tahoe 10.19.2015

This morning there was a rainbow over the vault toilet at Illipah Reservoir. Does that make it the proverbial pot(ty) of gold? In the daylight we saw that Illipah Revervoir, like other western waters, was almost dry. Continue reading Kings Beach Lake Tahoe 10.19.2015