Crowbar, Las Vegas, Valley of Fire 11.03.2015

It was a very noisy night with howling wind, something banging and sand raining on the rocking camper. We were grateful for another hot shower and soak before leaving Delight’s Hot Spring Resort.

There were always vehicles parked by the one undeveloped hot spring in Tecopa so this trip we stopped to take a look. The people in the water said mud mites were not a problem despite the warning sign. Continue reading Crowbar, Las Vegas, Valley of Fire 11.03.2015

Texas Springs Campground 11.01.2015

We took a last hot shower and soak then washed some clothes at the communal sinks. We were sad to leave but needed to move east again. Saline Valley was a great experience with friendly campers, informal disbursed campsites, exceptionally clean vault toilets, and eccentric art. There is no potable water or trash removal. Continue reading Texas Springs Campground 11.01.2015

Halloween in Saline Valley 10.31.2015

We went for a dawn soak in the Sunrise Pool, the upper pool at the lower springs, and met four people there who entertained us with stories of petroglyphs, local history, and clothes stealing donkeys. We were one of the few newcomers at the springs where many campers had been coming for more than 30 years. Continue reading Halloween in Saline Valley 10.31.2015

Across the Sierras 10.26.2015

We planned to cross the Sierra Nevada on CA 120 over Tioga Pass. At 9,943 feet it is the highest paved road across the Sierras and since it is not plowed, it usually closes in October. We did not want to detour back north to I80 or US 50 or drive the extra 200+ miles to the next crossing south so we were fortunate that the road was still open even though it had already snowed. Continue reading Across the Sierras 10.26.2015

Belmont 10.24-25.2015

Our niece, Laura Sullivan, lives on a steep hillside in Belmont, California overlooking San Francisco Bay. Each house on her narrow street has a single level parking space and driveway surfing here meant both front and back wheels were right on the edge. We parked with the camper door on the street side so we could get in and out. Even in this very nice neighborhood we were received with admiration for the camper rather than complaints. The wonderful family visit was, of course, too short and after two nights we started east again. Continue reading Belmont 10.24-25.2015

Family Time in Chico 10.21-24.2015

We driveway surfed at my niece’s house for four nights while visiting with family and friends. Our niece, Sarah Fragoso, was helping Rina Thoma with a French cookbook and we ate the results of each day’s recipes. Continue reading Family Time in Chico 10.21-24.2015

FWC Factory Visit 10.20.2015

It was 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside when we awoke this morning. We drove the heavily developed west shore road along Lake Tahoe and stopped briefly to admire Emerald Bay although the wind masked the sky blue of the water. We rejoined US 50 again at the south end of the lake. Unlike Nevada, California US 50 is a freeway that speeds skiers to the mountains. Continue reading FWC Factory Visit 10.20.2015

Kings Beach Lake Tahoe 10.19.2015

This morning there was a rainbow over the vault toilet at Illipah Reservoir. Does that make it the proverbial pot(ty) of gold? In the daylight we saw that Illipah Revervoir, like other western waters, was almost dry. Continue reading Kings Beach Lake Tahoe 10.19.2015