Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point

Yosemite, Sequoias, and Oakhurst

Last night we heard people yelling at a bear in the campground. After that we heard loud crunching very close to our tent for a long time. Although we thought it might be the bear rooting around in our fire ring, it turned out that a Belding ground squirrel had it’s hole under our bear box and had eaten a large sugar pine cone there during the night. His crunching on the pine cone echoed off of the metal bear box and made it sound much louder that it really was.

The ravens watched closely as we packed camp and one flew down and had a conversation with me, following me back and forth from the bear box to the car. Then we discovered that those pesky birds had eaten some of the trim off of our roof rack and loosened other parts that would have blown off it we had not noticed it. How did we know it was ravens? We watched them pick over the truck in the campsite across the way. No rubber or black plastic is safe around them.

A snow storm is expected here tomorrow which will close the roads so we headed through the tunnel and out to Glacier Point. It was a nice drive and an amazing view.

We wanted to see Giant Sequoias but didn’t want to get snowed in at Sequoia National Park so we went to the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite instead where we walked about three miles through the trees.

Continued south to Oakhurst which was a larger town than we expected. Not wanting to be trapped in the mountains by snow we stayed in at Best Western Plus and enjoyed the hot tub and good breakfast. Went to the South Gate Brewery for a taco dinner, of course.


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