Abandoned schoolhouse, Kentucky

Levi Jackson State Park 11.12.2015

It rained during the night and the wind blew hard again, pelting the roof with acorns that kept us awake all night. We filled our gallon water jugs and headed to Bowling Green, Kentucky for supplies. The Krogers was just like City Market in Colorado.

At Glasgow we headed southeast on KY 90 and then took KY 92 across the mountains. KY 92 was very steep and narrow, winding through settlements of mixed abject poverty and middle class houses. Unable to find a place to camp we continued on to a gas station by I77 that allowed overnight parking. Like our previous experience in Colorado, it was filled with noisy big rigs and bright lights and we did not stay.

We arrived at Levi Jackson State Park well after dark. It was next to a train crossing where the trains blew their whistles but fortunately there were fewer trains during the night. The campground is open year round and has hookups, a dump station, nice showers, water, and laundry facilities.

Levi Jackson State Park, Kentucky
Levi Jackson State Park, Kentucky

Lesson Learned: We shouldn’t bother with gas stations that allow overnight parking. They are too noisy and brightly lit.

Lesson Learned: A road through a national forest may be lined with houses and may not offer anywhere to pull off and camp. When you have cell phone reception, check ahead in the Ultimate Campground Project  App and download a map of potential stopping places.

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