Wildrose Canyon, Skidoo, and Cottonwood Canyon Road

The wind came back during the night and we once again awoke with grit blown into the tent. It was so windy we sat in the car and ate a cold breakfast before breaking camp.

Drove down Wildrose Canyon road to Panamint Valley Road and back. There is a stream and palm trees near the top of the road and wash outs further down the mountain.

Driving back down Emigrant Canyon Road we went out to Skidoo. The town is gone leaving nothing but rusting cans and broken glass, however, large parts of the mill are intact but not safe to explore.

Both the Aguereberry Point Road and Skidoo Road do not allow trailers and have┬átrailer parking areas at the beginning of the roads. That’s yet another reason for us to transition to a camper instead of buying a trailer.

Next we returned to the main highway, headed east to Stovepipe Wells and turned off on Cottonwood Canyon Road looking for a site to dry camp.

The first part of the Cottonwood Canyon Road is soft sand, then it turns to loose gravel and finally a mix of loose gravel and some larger rocks and washed out places. We stopped about four miles in because there was a level shelf where we could camp and the road was deteriorating. The RAV4 performed well but the trailer hitch is low and sometimes dragged.

After setting up camp we walked several more miles up the road and back at sunset then cooked and ate dinner in the dark using the BioLite stove for our campfire.


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