Panamint Butte, Aguereberry Point, Wild Rose Camp, Mahogany Flats

There was wind and rain during the night and we woke up with grit in the tent again. The wind died down enough this morning to enable us to cook a good breakfast.

Drove out Panamint Butte Road to get a look at the remote Panamint Dunes. It’s a four mile cross country hike to dunes from the end of the road so we explored the wrecked cars there instead.

Next we drove up Emigrant Canyon Road and out to Aguereberry Point. From the point you can see both Badwater Basin and Mount Whitney. The high winds returned this afternoon and it was snowing on Telescope Peak.

We set up our camp at Wildrose and then continued up the rough road all the way to Mahogany Flats. It was getting late and snowing with some ice on the road. The RAV4 performed well in Dean’s hands.

Stopped at the Charcoal Kilns at dusk on the way back.¬†Dean recorded me singing inside the wonderfully resonant charcoal kiln for Laura Sullivan’s 900 Voices project.

Back at Wildrose Camp the wind died enough for us to bundle up and cook dinner and enjoy a campfire.

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