Pecans, Sportsmobile, & Austin

After cooking breakfast in the motel, we headed off to Austin. The countryside becomes more rolling with scattered oak trees the further east you go.

Stopped at a pecan stand where we tasted several varieties and bought a heritage type plus some very inexpensive squirrel nuts. Squirrel nuts are the darker colored nuts and pieces the proprietor considered suitable for squirrel food. Of course we liked those the best and wished we had bought more. Next stop was a food truck for Texas style barbecue in a taco.

We had always been interested in Sportsmobile van conversions so we stopped at their factory in Austin. Although it is not a showroom, they kindly let us crawl through their vans and Sprinters. Although the vans are nicely constructed, rugged and have high clearance, we couldn’t envision ourselves spending more than a few days in one.

We spent the night in really nice Airbnb Airstream in Austin where we also did our laundry. We enjoyed our dinner at Koriente and then did an after-dark drive around. It was a windy and chilly Monday night so the clubs and food trucks were quiet.

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