Asian Style Pickled Vegetables

When it’s high season at the farmers’ market I often buy way too many vegetables because everything is so beautiful and fresh. I like to preserve the excess veggies by fermenting them into healthy probiotic treats. Fermenting is simple and requires no special equipment although a few tools like Mason jar weights, Pickle Pebbles for example, and venting lids like Pickle Pipes or Stainless Steel Fermentation Lids will make it easier. Continue reading Asian Style Pickled Vegetables

Sesame Sauce For Mixed Vegetables

This easy sauce turns simple mixed vegetables into something special. Start by sauteing mixed vegetables in a small amount of olive oil. If you are really in a hurry, you can microwave the vegetables in a a covered dish. If you like hot and spicy food use the chipotle chile variation instead of the smoked paprika. Continue reading Sesame Sauce For Mixed Vegetables