Driving through Pennsylvania countryside

Ole Bull State Park: Our Last Night Out

We wandered over back roads today to Ole Bull State Park. We had a detailed map from Purple Lizard and sporadic connections to Google, but nothing looked quite like what we were experiencing on the ground. One road was so narrow with no wide places at all that it would have been a real challenge if we had met an oncoming vehicle. Eventually we came to a paved road close to where we expected and found the state park.

We saw clear cut areas that had high fences and were filled with saplings while other logged areas were not fenced and pretty barren. Perhaps the fence reducing deer and elk browsing to allow faster reforestation.

Ole Bull is named for a Norwegian violinist who attempted to start a colony on the hill overlooking the creek. We walked to his house site and up another stream before circling back to the campground.

There are two loops in the campground, one by the creek which is the most popular and a lower loop by the road where we were the only campers. There is no traffic at night so it was quiet and it was nice to be alone.


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