Maiden Voyage: A Night at Poe Valley State Park

We cooked our typical camp breakfast this morning: fried eggs, stir fried greens, fresh homemade sauerkraut and pickles, with chicken sausage and corn tortillas heated on the campfire.

Today included exploring dirt roads around the area: Turkey Run to Allensville Road, a short stop in Belleville to check our phones and fuel up, then Sand Mountain Road to Poe Valley State Park.

Poe Valley has a larger (but still small) lake than Greenwood Furnace but the campground felt more crowded. There were many large families with lots of children riding bicycles around the flat campground loop. It’s nice to see families camping but we did not enjoy the three year old girl in a pink dress riding a pink bike who deliberately rammed into us and thought it was funny.

We stayed in site 25 which is nice and level. Site 50 which is next to the dam also looks nice. The bath houses are new and clean with showers and tubs where we did more laundry.

We took a walk around the campground and to the end of the lake and back.

We learned to use the awning to shade the side of our camper when we don’t sit under it. We should devise some shade curtains and mosquito nets we can clothes pin to the open awning.

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