Canyonlands to Great Basin & More Wind

On our way out of Canyonlands NP, we stopped to see the Shafer Trail and White Rim Trail, favorite routes for mountain bikers, off-road motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Use of these trails requires advance planning and permits so we’ll explore further on another trip.

A long drive west across Utah and Nevada to arrive at Great Basin National Park at sunset. This little known park is a real gem boasting a living cave, the second highest peak in Nevada, bristle cone pines, the only glacier in Nevada, and a stunning dark sky views of the Milky Way.

It’s very windy so we camp at Baker Creek instead of the mountainside Lehman Creek campground hoping for shelter. Although we selected a site surrounded by trees, it’s still very windy and cold. We have the right clothes and will sleep in our heavy bags, but cooking is difficult and we go to bed right after dinner.

Lesson learned today: Remember to use Gas Buddy even when in remote areas. We paid $6.00 per gallon for gas when we could have waited for better prices.

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