Driving Home with a Rainbow

We used to trailer our boats to Canada for a summer cruise up US 15 through Pennsylvania. It was a hilly, narrow two lane road but also the most direct route to where we were going.

We needed to be home tonight so we drove US 15 back to Maryland. Much of it is now divided highway and controlled access but there is still a little of the narrow hilly road remaining.

We took a detour through Woolrich to visit the Woolrich factory store and museum. We enjoyed the stop and were delighted to find that they still weave wool fabric in Woolrich.

We ran out of vegetables so we stopped at an Amish market that had great prices on fruit, vegetables and handcrafts.

As we approached Maryland we were greeted by both rain and a rainbow over the highway. The first time we went out on our Shearwater sailboat, a rainbow ended on the hood of our car as we towed it over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We enjoyed many great years of sailing in that boat so we considered it a good sign to have a rainbow over us on the last day of our maiden voyage in La Tortuga!

The house felt both huge and stuffy when we returned. We left everything in the camper to unpack another day.