Red Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Red Jalapeño Sauce
Red Jalapeño Sauce

The beautiful ripe red jalapeños at our farmers market inspired me to make yet another flavor of hot sauce. The heat level of the sauce will vary depending on the peppers. Mine was not as hot at the green jalapeño sauce I previously made. One pound of peppers makes approximately one pint of sauce. Continue reading Red Jalapeño Hot Sauce

How to Make Sriracha Sauce

The peppers at our Farmers’ Market are bountiful and beautiful this time of year. It’s fun to make your own sriracha sauce using the peppers of your choice. I have used Tobago peppers, long red cayenne, red jalapeños, and a mixture of multiple kinds of peppers. Although fermented, the sriracha is cooked to stop the fermentation and preserve it so it does not contain active probiotics. It seems to keep indefinitely in the refrigerator.

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